Practice Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji while having fun! Inspired by doodle-finding and mole-whacking games, this Japanese learning game displays a 3 x 3 board of characters. Try to match the correct character to the word or pronunciation shown at the top. You have ninety seconds to make as many matches as you can!

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★★★★★ Reviews

It is helpful and fun! I think I'll use this forever and ever! ~Rabuhotelru

Download this whether you are a beginner or an expert. Thank you! ~EYH713

I love how this works! I helps me to remember the characters so much easier than just writing them over and over.~It's french

This is an easy, intuitive, attractive, motivating and fun way to study basic Kanji. ~Japandy

They made a really fun matching game that doesn't get boring at all...Super nice. ~Zachary Key

Learned a few kanji in a few minutes, it's fun trying to beat my high score. This is a great supplement. ~Joel Hernandez

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